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Toys, Action Figures, Games .... Oh My !!!!

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Well we went to our first Estate sale of the season ....  ya know the one right after we said would share our findings with you on our "Antiquing" adventures .....  uhmmmm we uncovered a classic toy tomb of treasures that will keep us busy categorizing, learning and sharing for months.   

While walking through the house we noticed some vintage classic board games  on display....  Monopoly, Sorry, Risk etc .... all in their original boxes and in pristine condition.  We started talking to the owner and talked about his collection of board games. After about 20 minutes we realized that these games were not for sale and totally understood his passion for these games and why he was keeping them.  

He ask "do you two like toys" ??  We of course responded "YES" in unison !!!   He waved at us to follow him to his basement..... I swear the Indiana Jones music was playing in the background (or at least in my head) as we walked down the stairs.  Once at the bottom of the stairs, he switched on another light which was shining right on a huge refrigerator sized cardboard box lying on it's side with a big cover on it .... again I felt like I was in an Indiana Jones movie with that suspenseful music playing as we lifted the cover to to reveal the booty inside !!!   It was filled with toys, games, action figures, dolls etc .....   we left with over 3/4 of the items in that box ...  76 items to be exact ... and an open invitation to come get the rest !!!

After figuring out how to get everything home, the next though that in my head was how are we going to write about our finds for this weekend .....  While everything can be categorized under toys ...  there must be 10 - 15 or more subcategories, each with their own following of dedicated collectors.   There are even categories within in the subcategories .... for example there were quite a few action figures ....  Gargoyles, Star Wars, Godzilla, GI Joe just to name a few, each of these can be it's own category.... We decided to be a little less specific with our categories !!

Our first category will be Action Figures ....  See our next post !!!

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