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Summer is Here !! Estate Sale Season !!!!

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Summer is finally here to stay !!!! That means lots of estate sales, swap meets, garage sales and all the vintage treasures from Spring cleanings !! We are partial to estate sales as we can usually meet the owners and get the history on the items that capture our interest. 

At estate sales you get to see private collections and understand the passion that drove the collector to begin & maintain the collection. There is a fascinating story behind each collection and every piece in the collection. These stories have inspired us over the years in many different ways.... from starting our own collections to learning more about vintage collectibles to opening a store and knowledge center to share and learn about our finds. 

People collect everything and anything........ And there is a group discussing and sharing information about every one of those collections every minute of every day all over the planet !! We would like to touch a small number of those collections this summer and share our findings with you !! 

We thought a good impetus would be the collections we uncover this summer on our "Antiquing" weekends... which will be every weekend until the frigid cold sets in here, in Central New York.

We will do our best to seek out a new collection each week .... that is the easy part ....... we then plan on creating a blog posting about the collecting category with as much information & history as we can gather. We will include links to existing groups, articles and manufacturers sites. The blog entry will lead to a forum discussion thread for you to fill in the blanks, add insight and pose questions about the topic.  If warranted we will create a grading guide and/or and information piece on the collection category !!

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